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Find Where Manure Is Applied in Jefferson County

JFAN often receives inquiries about where CAFO’s are spreading manure from their operations. The Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) does not keep computerized records of Manure Management Plans (MMPs) making it very difficult for the average person to find information on exactly where manure is applied.

JFAN has created a color-coded map using current MMPs from the DNR for all CAFO operators in and outside of Jefferson County who apply manure to fields within Jefferson County. CAFO sites are also included listing the number of hogs in each confinement. Click on the section of the map you wish to view, and you'll open the township where the CAFO is located.


The names of all the CAFOs applying manure in that township are listed at the bottom of the township map. The color coding also allows you to see if fields are receiving manure from more than one CAFO. 

We have included all the CAFOs that JFAN is aware of as of October 2022. JFAN updates the map every fall.


All the information shown is gathered from MMPs submitted to the DNR by CAFO operators. The information available is only for medium and large operations that have at least 500 animal units, the equivalent of 1250 hogs. 


Any operation with fewer than 500 animal units is not required to submit an MMP. Because the DNR has no information available on where these smaller CAFOs apply manure, neither does JFAN. The DNR reports that there are approximately 4,000 small CAFOs throughout Iowa that are not tracked by the state.


CAFO sites under 500 animal units included on this map were independently discovered by JFAN. If you know of a small confinement that is not on the map, please contact us at 641-209-6600 or email

Jefferson County 
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Jefferson County  Manure Map
Jefferson County  Manure Map
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