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Small Animal Feeding Operations or SAFO’s

The Iowa DNR does not track SAFO’s. These smaller operations can still house up to 499 animal units, the equivalent of 1299 hogs, without having file any DNR applications. With no Manure Management Plan or MMP to refer to, the community has no way of knowing where these operations are located and where they may be disposing of the manure generated.

JFAN is embarking on a large scale community project to identify SAFOs so they can be included in the JFAN database for current and future residence to access. Your help is essential to the success of this project



JFAN invites you to identify SAFOs in your area. If you live near an operation or see a new site being built in the area, you can report its whereabouts anonymously.The information gathered will help JFAN identify and track the impact of these smaller operations. 

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