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Twice a year, JFAN publishes newsletters with information on its activities, regional and national news relating to factory farm issues, and guest columns. Newsletters are distributed throughout Jefferson County at the sites listed and can also be downloaded below.

Where to Get JFAN Newsletters

JFAN Newsletters can be picked up at the following locations in Fairfield:

Best Western Fairfield
Everybody's Whole Foods
Fairfield Public Library

Green Gourmet
Gupta Vegetarian Restaurant
HyVee Grocery
India Cafe
Iowa State Bank – 4th and Burlington
Iowa State Bank – downtown branch
Istanbul Grill
La Hacienda
MUM Ladies' Dome
MUM Men's Dome
Noodle House
Taco John
Thai Deli
Thymely Solutions
University BP 

Download JFAN Newsletters 
Download JFAN Newsletters 
Thumbnail JFAN Fall Winter 2019 Newslett
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