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How JFAN Works for You

A sampling of JFAN's past and ongoing accomplishments

Hundreds of CAFOs are built in Iowa every year, yet JFAN’s ongoing efforts since 2005 have helped keep the number of hogs in Jefferson County to a small fraction of those in neighboring counties. Please review this sampling of past and ongoing accomplishments donate to JFAN today!


  • Actively engages in strategies to help protect Jefferson County from becoming overrun with injurious CAFOs including:

    • Empowering community education programs

    • Monitoring for new CAFOs biweekly

    • Alerting neighbors of proposed CAFOs 

    • Providing informational guidance and support to neighbors facing a threat (when requested)


  • Effective results! Jefferson County has 1/14 the number of CAFOs in all six surrounding counties

JC and Surrounding Counties 2022 Graph 600.jpg
  • Filmed and interviewed for Right to Harm, a national documentary on the impacts of CAFOs on communities


  • Cofounded and provided leadership in the Iowa Alliance for Responsible Agriculture (IARA)

    • Coalition of 30+ community, state, and national organizations

    • Kicked off the call for a factory farm moratorium in 2016 gaining national media exposure 

    • Inspired the introduction of moratorium bills in State Legislature in 2017. The bill has been introduced each year, and is the number of cosponsors continues to grow. 

  • Produced The CAFOs of Jefferson County, a short film depicting a cluster of factory farms in Penn Township that points out numerous deficiencies in CAFO regulations.

  • Participated in the 2016 and 2022 DNR Chapter 65 Rules Review, collaborating with a coalition of statewide organizations to review and recommend improvements to CAFO regulations. 

    • 2016 Rules Review – Discovered and publicized the early influence industry groups had on the DNR's initial draft of changes prior to the public's involvement. Protested to the DNR which resulted in a policy change.

    • 2022 Rules Review - Worked with the Iowa Environmental Council to form a coalition reviewing the rules. Developed a 28 page comment for JFAN cosigned by 10 community, state, and national organizations.

  • Developed a Jefferson County map with all known CAFOs and fields receiving manure that is updated every year


  • Developed expertise to read Manure Management Plans and Master Matrix applications, and uncovered CAFO shortfalls


  • Attracts 400-500 people to the JFAN Annual Meeting each year featuring influential national CAFO experts


  • Interviewed by media including Reuters, Wall Street Journal, Atlantic Magazine, New Yorker Magazine, and Des Moines Register. Interviewed by a published author for a novel she's writing, providing source material on CAFOs.


  • Recognized by groups across the state as a leader in the state in deterring injurious CAFOs


  • Sought out by many individuals around the state for advice on dealing with proposed CAFOs


  • Advised Maharishi Vedic City residents on land auction adjacent to MVC considered by CAFO owner; acquired by MVC resident 

  • Invited to speak at organization conventions and conferences throughout the state


  • Advises other state groups how to develop a statewide coalition

    • IARA’s activities have inspired groups in Wisconsin and Nebraska to call for a moratorium 


  • Maintain and expand this information-rich website and active Facebook page, drawing national and international visitors

JFAN is a 501(c)(3) educational foundation funded solely through grassroots support. Your tax-deductible donation supports all these activities and more. Your neighbors and JFAN thanks you! 

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