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Report Violations or Suspicious Activities


Any new CAFO Factory construction, applications, or violations can be reported to JFAN at 641-209-6600. Jefferson County residents start doing this NOW.

Suspicious Activities

Call JFAN immediately if you see what might be a CAFO being constructed. JFAN monitors activity in Jefferson County with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR), but confinements under 1250 hogs don't require applications to DNR.

Suspicious activity could include upgrading or installing new power utilities, survey crews in field, excavation or road work, and pole barn construction. Of course all of these activities could be related to normal farm expansion activities, but it is important that we monitor new construction for CAFOs, and the earlier we know about them, the better. 

Possible Violations

Call JFAN right away if you see what might be an illegal manure dumping, a manure spill, or manure runoff. Time is of the essence in reporting such instances to the DNR for their investigation.


We also recommend your calling Washington DNR Field Office if you see a potential violation in Jefferson or surrounding counties. Their number is 319-653-2135. Violation complaints can be filed anonymously. Follow up with JFAN to let us know about your complaint, and we can follow up on the DNR's investigation.

If you are reluctant to call the DNR office, contact JFAN and we will work with you to file an anonymous complaint.


If in doubt, better to call and let JFAN investigate.

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