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The CAFOs of Jefferson County – JFAN Annual Meeting

Help Protect Jefferson County and Iowa with these

Action Steps!

Let’s face it – factory farms have a harmful impact on people and the environment – it’s documented in over 50 years of peer-reviewed studies. But why must Iowans suffer from these deleterious impacts? 


We have a RIGHT to clean air, clean water, and a good quality of life. We have a RIGHT to have our physical health and the investment we made in our homes protected. We have a RIGHT to prosperous rural economies and to have a say where a CAFO is built. 


The only way to fix our broken agricultural system is by taking action with the vision of what is wanted and needed. We are building a foundation that will eventually drive needed changes to repair our corporate-driven agricultural system, and you can be a part of that. Here are some easy Action Steps that you can do that can help us get there.


Advocate, Advocate, Advocate!


1.  Urge your state legislators to support the upcoming factory farm moratorium bill. Representative Art Staed and Senator Pam Jochim will introduce bills, and as soon as we have bill numbers, we’ll let you know with action steps. In the meantime you can sign this Food and Water Watch petition here.


2. Participate in an Iowa Alliance for Responsible (IARA) Valentine’s Day Picket on the steps of the Iowa State House. The informational picket is Valentine’s Day themed with the message that we are not anti-agriculture or anti-farmer, but we love independent farmers, clean water, responsible agriculture, and we love Iowa. Sign up here. Can you help with recruitment phone calls, carpooling, or making signs and art? Sign up here at the bottom of the form. 


3.  Continue to urge your state legislators to support a factory farm moratorium all year long. We must be a broken record in order to build pressure and public support. Use every opportunity to talk with your state legislators. Ask them to co-sponsor the upcoming bills. Not sure who they are? Find out here


4.  Urge Jefferson County Supervisors Dee Sandquist, Daryn Hamilton, and Susie Drish to pass a resolution in support of a factory farm moratorium. JFAN has been in discussions with them, but we need to move this forward. Let’s make Jefferson County the 27th county calling for a moratorium. Stay tuned to JFAN for action steps to follow.


Don't Be Afraid to Speak Out


5.  If you suspect a CAFO may be coming into your community, contact JFAN. We’ll investigate. We monitor for new proposed CAFOs or expansions twice a week, but DNR information in not available for confinements with fewer than 1250 hogs. We often find out about them when eagle-eyed neighbors contact us.


6.  If you are opposed to a proposed CAFO in your neighborhood, don’t be afraid to stand up, speak out, and organize. CAFOs come in to communities where there is little opposition – it signals there is an open door and acceptance if there is no push back. Don’t let your township become like Penn. JFAN is available to help communities in Jefferson County with informational guidance and support upon request.


7.  Report suspected manure spills or runoff to the DNR. Call the Washington DNR office at (319) 653-2135 and let them know. Take pictures from the road if possible without trespassing on private property. Follow up with the DNR. The DNR is chronically understaffed, and sometimes it takes being a squeaky wheel for the complaint to get addressed in a timely manner.


8.  Watch for manure applications on snow covered or frozen ground this time of year. From December 21-April 1, factory farms with 1250 or more hogs are prohibited from spreading liquid manure on ground covered with an inch or more of snow or ½ inch of ice. From February 1 – April 1, manure may not be applied on frozen ground. If you see manure on fields during that time, contact the DNR at (319) 653-2135 and report what you see. Again, take pictures from the road if possible without trespassing on private property.


Support JFAN

9.  Finally – and very importantly – please support JFAN as generously as you can so we can continue to protect you, your friends, your family’s health, your investment in this community and your quality of life. You can donate here or by mailing a check payable to JFAN to: JFAN, PO Box 811, Fairfield, IA 52556. Thank you for all you do.

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