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Three Dynamic Webinars for Your Enjoyment!

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

We invite you to watch three lively and deeply thought provoking webinars focusing on two timely topics: the #BoycottBigMeat Campaign, of which JFAN is a supporter, and the Right to Harm film on CAFOs, in which JFAN was featured.

#BoycottBigMeat Kickoff Press Conference

Twenty thousand people viewed the #BoycottBigMeat press conference in July. This national consumer education and lobbying campaign, initiated by the Organic Consumers Association (OCA) and sponsored by several other organizations, addresses the transition from our centralized industrial meat production system to an organic, regenerative pasture-and grass-fed model.

Headlining the exciting event was Congressman Ro Khanna, who introduced the U.S. House’s version of the Farm System Reform Act to phase out large CAFOs.

Webinar speakers also included OCA Executive Director Ronnie Cummins, Sherri Dugger (Socially Responsible Agricultural Project [SRAP], Executive Director), Darryl Morin (Forward Latino Executive Director), Will Harris (owner of regenerative White Oak Pastures in Georgia), Lora Fraracci (Sustainable Iowa Land Trust board member speaking as a consumer) and OCA’s Alexis Baden Mayer (moderator).

Topics include worker justice, respect for animals and the environment, and public health issues stemming from drug- and pesticide-laden animal products. Joining Organic Consumers Association are the following sponsors of the campaign: Forward Latino, Socially Responsible Agricultural Project,, Regeneration International and the national coalition of U.S. Farmers & Ranchers for a Green New Deal.

JFAN is a proud supporter of the #BoycottBigMeat campaign, which advocates a return to Responsible, Respectful, and Regenerative livestock production. Approximately 80 other organizations to date have signed on to the campaign.

(For all your family and friends who may not know what Big Meat means, Big Meat is CAFO Meat. One should assume most of the meat, dairy and eggs found in supermarkets are from factory farms unless clearly labeled pastured or grass-fed.)

Vegans and Vegetarians Speak Out in Favor of Regenerative Livestock Production

#BoycottBigMeat held a second webinar in August “Vegans and Vegetarians for Organic Regenerative Agriculture,” which was a fascinating and deeply thoughtful dive into the value of regenerative agriculture by leading vegans and vegetarians.

Speaking was David Bronner of Dr. Bronners, Ocean Robins of Food Revolution Network, and Elizabeth Kucinich, organic regenerative food/farming advocate. The panel was moderated by Sherri Dugger, SRAP executive director.

Right to Harm National Screening and Webinar

For two weeks in June, Right to Harm was available to watch for free on the web and over 2400 people took advantage of this special opportunity. A webinar panel discussion following the last documentary’s final screening has been viewed by over 17,000 people to date on both Facebook and YouTube.

In Right to Harm, filmmakers Matt Wechsler and Annie Spiecher created an eloquent and penetrating portrait of the damaging impacts of hog, egg, and dairy CAFOs on neighborhoods and communities in Iowa and across the country. Right to Harmfocuses on the unequal way the food system impacts neighbors including some of the most disenfranchised segments of our population—Black, Latino, and Native American—and the dramatic failures of state agencies to regulate factory farms.

The documentary prominently features agricultural economist Dr. John Ikerd as he visits Iowa residents suffering from ravaging impacts of CAFOs on their land and their lives. JFAN Executive Director and IARA co-founder Diane Rosenberg’s advocacy efforts are also featured.

JFAN and IARA have been strong promoters of the film. The webinar includes SRAP’s Sherri Dugger moderating with filmmaker Matt Wechsler, Dr. John Ikerd, Radiance Dairy’s Francis Thicke, OCA’s Ronnie Cummins, and SRAP Board member Monica Brooks.

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