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UPDATE: Jefferson County Factory Farm Moratorium Resolution

Last Thursday JFAN Executive Director Diane Rosenberg spoke with Jefferson County Supervisor Susie Drish to request a public hearing be scheduled to discuss adopting a resolution supporting a moratorium on CAFOs. Previously, on March 13, Rosenberg made a presentation during the supervisors’ board meeting advocating for the resolution, and Drish said that the next step would be for the supervisors to discuss whether to hold a public hearing and, if they do so, at that time set a date.

On Thursday Drish said that right now the board is absorbed in establishing a much-needed county-run ambulance service involving an enormous amount of time and effort. The board wouldn’t be able to consider a moratorium resolution for the next couple of months, but that a town hall would be conducted sometime around June. When pressed if that would really would happen, Drish said yes.

Rosenberg will follow up with Drish at the beginning of June to move discussion of a moratorium resolution forward. We recognize establishing a county-run ambulance service is necessary for the health and well-being of Jefferson County residents and deeply appreciate the supervisors’ hard work on this project.

We also recognize protecting the health and well-being of residents from CAFOs is a necessity, too, so we will continue to work with our supervisors to adopt a resolution when they wrap up their ambulance work.

You can watch Rosenberg’s presentation to the supervisors during the March 13 meeting here. Her presentation starts at the 15:08 mark with a follow up discussion during the public comment section at the 1:39:11 mark.


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