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Supervisors Meeting Wed. Sept 19 to Discuss Appeal of Huber CAFO

Meeting is 11:30 am Wednesday, September 19

Jefferson County Courthouse Supervisors' Office

Please join us to urge the Jefferson County Supervisors to appeal the 7497-head Huber CAFO permit and bring a friend, too.

The Jefferson County Supervisors office was packed this morning when at least two dozen people came out to address the agenda item, “Discuss and consider waiving right to protest” during the supervisors weekly board meeting.

This refers to a 14 day period that the supervisors have to appeal the preliminary construction permit the Iowa DNR granted the Daniels Site, Bill Huber’s 7497-head confinement west of the city of Pleasant Plain. Supervisor Lee Dimmitt submitted the agenda item, telling JFAN’s President and Executive Director Diane Rosenberg last week it was in order to expedite the construction process for Huber. The preliminary permit was granted on September 10.

At first, Supervisor Dee Sandquist said the Jefferson County Attorney’s Office’s advised her to remove the agenda point since there wasn’t enough descriptive information to properly inform the public.

That didn’t sit too well with those who were present who learned about the agenda item from JFAN. Sandquist said the supervisors couldn’t take action on items not on the agenda, but Rosenberg asked if they could hear comments during the public comment period and then schedule a special meeting to discuss and vote on an appeal.

More than a dozen people spoke in favor of an appeal. At the end of the comments and some discussion of what’s legally possible, the supervisors did agree to hold a special hearing THIS Wednesday, September 19 at 11:30 am at the Jefferson County Supervisors Office.

An appeal of the DNR’s decision to grant a permit is made to the Environmental Protection Commission, a nine-member board that has oversight of the DNR. Only a board of supervisors can request an appeal although they can delegate others to represent them at an EPC meeting.

It’s very important that Jefferson County residents once again attend this meeting. An appeal based on general environmental grounds is something that the supervisors CAN doto address the Huber CAFO at this juncture.

A strong showing also sends a very direct message to Bill Huber and Agri-Way Partners that Jefferson County residents don’t want him to build his CAFOs in Jefferson County.

We warmly thank everyone who came out to this morning’s meeting.Your involvement got us to this next step.

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