• Diane Rosenberg

Open Manure Piles Could Threaten Iowa

Open stockpiles of dry manure may become legal for all new CAFOs if Iowa hog, beef and poultry producers have their way. A proposal to House File 2692 would allow farmers to stockpile manure adjacent to homes or as close as 400 feet to waterways. Although the DNR opposes the proposal, the House Agricultural Committee passed it unanimously. Both Democratic and Republican leaders support the proposal.

Ironically, on April 18, the Des Moines Register reported “preliminary resultsfrom a livestock manure stockpile study show harmful pollution is seeping into groundwater.”

Piles could remain in place for as long as six months. Rainfalls would allow ammonia and bacteria to be washed into nearby waterways, leading to potential violations of the Clean Water Act.

Neighbors who now live next to open stockpiles report cleaning up five buckets of dead flies a day.

The proposal is now ready for debate. Contact local legislators John Whitaker at 319-796-4618/ John.Whitaker@legis.state.ia.us and Becky Schmitz at 641-919- 5575/Becky.Schmitz@legis.state.ia .us and let them know how you feel about this important issue.

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