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Important Public Hearing 6:00 pm TUESDAY on NEW CAFO Threatening Jefferson County

RWP, LLC PUBLIC HEARING – Tuesday, August 28 at 6:00 pm (corrected time)

Jefferson County Courthouse, 51 W. Briggs, Fairfield

Mark Greiner proposed a 2499-head expansion to his current 2499-head hog confinement, RWP, LLC on Olive Avenue in Penn Township. That would bring his confinement to 4998 hogs in a community with 80 families living in the two-mile radius. Given the size, a Master Matrix is involved.

JFAN is recommending the Jefferson County Board of Supervisors deny 80 points on the RWP LLC Master Matrix. Read our recommendations here.

Jefferson County Supervisors heard from MANY upset county residents about the absence of a public hearing on the Bill Huber CAFO. They scheduled a public hearing on the Greiner CAFO for this coming Tuesday, August 28.

Thank you everyone for making your voices heard loud and clear to supervisors and those who wrote letters to the editor! YOU made a difference!

The supervisors will score the Master Matrix the day before the public hearing and JFAN will attend and offer our analysis of the application.

Supervisors will take public comments during Tuesday evening’s hearing and then finalize the scoring process at an additional meeting in early September.

The supervisors are primarily concerned with the viability of the points taken in the Master Matrix. JFAN will send an email out following the scoring session reporting on the session and offer our recommendations for public comments.

If you don’t want MORE CAFOs in Jefferson County, we urge you to attend this meeting and let our supervisors know how you feel!

*** Read JFAN's NEW Letter to the Editor here about what county supervisors CAN do with the Master Matrix and CAFOs. It appeared in the Thursday, August 23 Fairfield Weekly Reader. ***

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