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Let's Have Jefferson County Adopt a Resolution Calling for a Factory Farm Moratorium

Since November, seven Iowa counties have either passed resolutions or written letters to the state legislature calling for a factory farm moratorium until Iowa’s CAFO issues are addressed. These counties want to see a more effective Master Matrix that gives them more control of CAFO siting and strengthens protections for their residents.

JFAN would like to see Jefferson County added to that list.

A moratorium would provide a temporary pause in building new or expanding CAFOs until Iowa’s water crisis and Master Matrix weaknesses are adequately addressed. A resolution would simply summarize support for a statewide moratorium; it is not an ordinance. A moratorium is needed more than ever, given the state legislature’s bills to limit nuisance lawsuits.

In September 2016, the Iowa Alliance for Responsible Agriculture (IARA), a coalition of 25 national, state, and community organizations called for a statewide factory farm moratorium until there are fewer than 100 water impairments in the state. JFAN is a member of IARA and supports IARA’s call for the moratorium.

Update on Supervisor's Meeting

JFAN requested Supervisors Dee Sanquist, Dick Reed and Lee Dimmitt to consider a county resolution at a weekly supervisors meeting on Monday, March 27, and an initial discussion took place. Approximately 75 people, primarily JFAN supporters, packed the supervisors office. At least 13 people made comments for the record; all but three were in favor of a moratorium. The March 28 edition of the Fairfield Ledger reports on the meeting.

Many thanks to Dee Sandquist for including this on the agenda and to all JFAN supporters who attended the meeting on relatively short notice.

Due to open meeting laws, the supervisors can only further discuss a resolution during a weekly board meeting. Dick Reed said they wanted to digest what they heard and perhaps revisit it again in the near future.

We need to let our county supervisors know a moratorium is important to a large number of Jefferson County residents and we want to move a resolution forward!


Let's convince Jefferson County Supervisors to adopt a resolution in support of a factory farm moratorium. Take Action Here.

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