• Diane Rosenberg

Area Violations

Runoff Fouls Stream after Field Application

Manure runoff polluted an unnamed tributary of Stump Creek near Batavia in May according to a DNR press release. James Boller with B.J. Hauling of Kalona injected the liquid manure into cropland owned by Shawn and Jeff Adam. Manure pooled in low spots, and approximately 200 gallons ran off the field and into the stream.

The DNR required remedial action, including diking up low areas and pumping up excess manure to prevent more from leaving the field. The manure came from a hog confinement owned by Nick Adam.

There was no evidence of a fish kill although the DNR staff found evidence of manure one-quarter mile downstream. The manure application was in compliance with state laws, however runoff still polluted the creek.

Editors Note: It is JFAN's opinion that this is a prime example of why stricter laws are necessary to protect the environment.

Manure Spill Results in Small Fine

Manure applicator Ryan Robertson and landowner David Horras were cited by the DNR after a significant manure spill took place on the Horras farm in northeast Jefferson County. The spill went into a tributary stream of Walnut Creek and onto Pleasant Plain Road.

The DNR investigated the spill and cited both men with discharging manure into a state waterway and not reporting the spill. Robertson was fined $4,000. This was Robertson's second manure spill.

JFAN closely monitored the situation and continuously followed up with the DNR.

Editors Note: It is JFAN's opinion that the fine was insignificant compared to the damage caused to the environment.

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