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Jefferson County is fortunate. We don’t have nearly the number of CAFOs and hogs present in other counties. But we do have a few areas that have seen CAFO development over the years. 


This year’s JFAN Annual Meeting puts the focus on what it’s like in those communities, underscoring the need to be constantly vigilant in order to protect Jefferson County. Plus we’ll talk about regenerative agriculture that includes animals as part of diversified farming systems as a better alternative for communities and the environment. 

Join us to view a short film documenting a JFAN-led tour of 16 CAFOs in Penn Township in Jefferson County, Iowa. Hear brief histories and stories about each factory farm narrated by JFAN President and Executive Director Diane Rosenberg. The film succinctly illustrates why we must remain vigilant in order to protect Jefferson County.




Dr. John Ikerd – Agricultural Economist and Professor Emeritus, University of Missouri at Columbia

• How Iowa became a hub of industrial hog production

• Why and how we need to continue to protect Jefferson County


Francis Thicke – Regenerative Farmer and Co-owner of Radiance Dairy in Fairfield, Iowa

• Regenerative alternatives to factory farms that are nourishing for the community and environment

Jocelyn Engman, Co-owner Pickle Creek Herbs

• A firsthand experience of operating a sustainable farm and formerly living in Penn Township



• Action steps we each can take

• Opportunity to ask questions about the CAFOs on the tour or other factory farm issues 


The CAFOs of Jefferson County will be broadcast via Zoom. WATCH IT HERE


The event is FREE. A donation of $5 helps JFAN protect Jefferson County's quality of life.

Visit our Facebook Event page here.


A Big THANK YOU! to All Our Corporate Sponsors:


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Join our Corporate Sponsorship Program. Contact Susan Chapin 641-451-4127, or via email or Diane Rosenberg at 641-209-6600 or via email.

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