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Factory Farms Are Creating Superbugs: How We Can Protect Lifesaving Antibiotics - and Ourselves

2019 JFAN Annual Meeting Presentations

October 24, 2019 Fairfield, Iowa

Factory Farms Are Creating Superbugs
Entire Meeting
The Failure of Governance
Dr. John Ikerd, Professor Emeritus, University of Missouri at Columbia
Antibiotics: Lifesaving Medicines or  Production Tools?- Part 1, Dr. Lance Price, Antibiotic Resistance Action Center, George Washington University
Antibiotics: Lifesaving Medicines or Cheap Production Tools?- Q&A Part 2, Dr. Lance Price,
There Is a Cost for Everything
Lois Dovico, Owner, Dovico Gardens and Greenhouses
We Can Move Mountains
Diane Rosenberg, JFAN President Exec. Director
JFAN  - Why It's So Important
Dean Draznin, Owner and President
Draznin Communications
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