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From the Socially Responsible Agricultural Project:

Throughout rural America, factory farms are expanding at an unprecedented rate. As a direct result, the air in rural communities is increasingly polluted, local waterways and wells are fouled, and farmers and rural residents are finding themselves in a position of fighting for their homes, their businesses, and rural quality of life.


This fall, citizens from across the country who are on the frontlines of factory farm expansion are invited to Ocean City, Maryland, for the 2017 Factory Farm Summit – Demanding Accountability in Animal Agriculture.


This conference is intended to bring people like you together with leading experts on factory farming issues. The 2017 Factory Farm Summit will be an opportunity to network, workshop, and learn new ways to stop the expansion of factory farms and hold bad-actor operations accountable for their pollution.

Who Should Attend? 


The 2017 Factory Farm Summit is geared toward providing impactful tools for:

  • Farmers and rural residents threatened by a proposed factory farm in their community

  • Farmers and rural residents living with an existing operation that is causing problems for the local community.


Registration is now open and you can find out more information and view the event schedule by clicking here. Be sure to check back frequently as speakers and special guests continue to be finalized.


Registration is now open: Register Here!

2017 Factory Farm Summit Sponsors:

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