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New JFAN Ad Series Focuses on the Real Cost of Cheap Factory Farmed Meat

Most meat, dairy and egg products purchased in supermarkets are produced in factory farms. These products are lauded as a cheap, affordable source of protein.

But just how “cheap” are these products? JFAN's two-part ad series focuses on the additional costs to taxpayers, neighbors, consumers, society and the environment that is not included in the sticker price.

Part One addressed costs of cheap CAFO meat on water quality, rural economies, and quality of life.

Part Two zeros in on the cost of cheap meat on public health, food borne illness, and food quality.

Check out our ads:

The Real Co$t of CAFO Meat - Part One

The Real Co$t of CAFO Meat - Part Two

Then learn more about the Real Costs of Cheap Meat here.

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